Walk&Talk – Arts Festival

The Walk&Talk – Arts Festival festival is in the Applied arts, Architecture, Design, Festival, Interdisciplinary, category. Information about Walk&Talk – Arts Festival is given below. Please send us the places you think are missing from the contact form.

Walk&Talk is an annual arts festival that encourages creation in the specific cultural and geographic context of the Azores archipelago. From visual arts to performing arts, it integrates artistic residencies, a Public Art Circuit and promotes a broad program of exhibitions, concerts, performances, knowledge activities and other proposals developed in partnership with cultural spaces of the region.

Experimental and participative, in addition to an event, Walk&Talk is a platform that acts continuously to promote new centralities for contemporary artistic production and to create new projects, pulverizing spaces and communities through the arts. It operates in a network and co-produces with similar structures, promotes an environment conducive to interchange, co-creation and, from the Azores, shares new artistic proposals with the world.

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