Ukrainian Live

UKRAINIAN LIVE is a festival of topical Ukrainian music. A combination of sophisticated and deep classical music with trendy electroacoustic music, mix of styles and genres in search of overcoming the barrier of perception of Ukrainian classical music by ordinary listeners and the creation of a new cultural product. Ukrainian Live is only the most modern, dramatic and emotional Ukrainian music without any stereotypes. This is what breaks the playlist and deprives any templates.

The Ukrainian Live project is being implemented by the NGO “KOLLEGIUM MUSICUM” with the participation of the UFO orchestra, DJs and young composers from all over Ukraine. The urgency of the project is the need to restore interest in Ukrainian classical music in society and the general public. The goal is to make the classics popular guided by world trends. Creation of a unique, new fully-fledged Ukrainian musical product that will be competitive in relation to the European music market and the inclusion of Ukrainian music in the contemporary world artistic context. Among the objectives of the project is to draw the attention of the society to the problems of contemporary classical music in Ukraine, to give “the second breath” to unjustly forgotten or disreputable works of art, work with young professional personnel throughout Ukraine, the opening of the Ukrainian artistic product for the world and the creation of the competitiveness of Ukrainian music at the European musical the market.

Within the framework of the festival, within 5 days, it is planned to hold a number of concerts, workshops, lectures, cultural parties and open meetings, with the participation of contemporary musicians and lecturers from all over Ukraine. The expected result of the Ukrainian Live Festival is a powerful cultural public response, attracting attention to contemporary classical classical music in the ordinary listener, a powerful coverage of the festival in the press and media, the creation of a fully-fledged Ukrainian competitive on the European level of the Ukrainian product, support and assistance in the implementation of young Ukrainian artistic personnel, communication and interaction with the listener.

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