Oxford of the Arts

Welcome to Oxford Festival of the Arts – a whirlwind of culture and creativity in Oxford! We’re currently putting together our #OFA2019 programme together. If you want to be the first to hear any announcements please join the mailing list here.

The Oxford Festival of the
Arts is a fortnight of events across the city, offering a broad programme of
performances, workshops and talks across the fields of music, theatre, art,
film and literature. We want to celebrate Oxford’s diverse communities and
offer something for everyone, whatever their age, background or artistic

The two weeks of the
Festival are simply the pinnacle of Festival activities, our education and
community engagement activities run throughout the year. Each year over 3,000
children from 45 county schools are involved in projects which then had some
form of showcase/outcome during the Festival.
In 2018 over 23,000 attended OFA. In addition to the main Festival site,
the Festival partners with venues across the city to provide a variety of
entertainment spaces appropriate to the performance/activity/exhibition taking

Proud to be in Oxford, Oxford Festival of the Arts aims to become an incubator for the arts, a laboratory for experimentation and innovation, a place where diverse communities identify with and feel at home in, a festival with a spiderweb of networks, partnerships and collaborations, a virtual space where different artforms collide to create something new and exciting, a festival which goes out to the people and, ultimately, a vibrant artistic hub for the city.

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