M.A.R. Street Arts Show

It is urgent to find new models of awareness for an idea of citizenship and active participation in social change.

Created in 2016, with Edition Zero, M.A.R. – Street Arts Festival, appears in Sines as a pioneering project in the south of the country, presenting six shows to the local community.

M.A.R was thought for the occupation of public space in 2017, presenting fifteen projects in the areas of theatre, dance, performance, music, circus and ephemeral sculpture, sustaining itself as a brand that intends to think of the city collectively and stimulate the sharing, valorisation and reappropriation of the public space, the social encounter and the artistic experience, searching in the unconventional places, the creation of a new memory and the recovery of others.

In 2018, we’ve presented 24 artistic projects, in 29 presentations from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Canada and Argentina.

In addition to promoting the street arts, M.A.R. aims to assert itself as a “port” of national and international creators and stimulate the study and creation for the public space. Create dynamics throughout the year that contribute to a new look at history, memory, the present and the construction of the future.

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