LvivMozArt is an
arts project launched to unite the best Ukrainian and world musicians.

International Festival of Classical Music first took place in Lviv in 2017
and turned the cultural capital of Ukraine into the seat of aesthetic
pleasure with musical masterpieces.
Talented world-class musicians, creative locations, magical sounds of the
piano and violin, charming harp melody and standing ovation of the
hall create an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication. Such
an energy inspires for continuation of the creation of a new musical
history of the city, which sounds today far beyond the borders of Lviv and
Ukraine. LvivMozArt International Festival of Classical Music will
be held in Lviv for the third time on August 2-11, 2019!

is the art changing everyone who has discovered the world of classical
The atmosphere and energy of the International Festival of Classical Music
inspires to think in sounds, erase boundaries of restrictions, awakens the
brightest emotions and feelings in everyone’s heart, and throughout the
year, holds the participants of this grand musical event in anticipation
of the next LvivMozArt.

Lviv? Lviv is a royal city at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures
with a rich history, mystical legends, a scent of coffee and chocolate. This is
the ancient city of Lions where the spirit of the nineteenth century, the era
of high society balls and classical music is in the air.

Mozart? Franz Xaver Mozart, a well-known teacher, pianist, conductor and
composer, son of the famous musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been
living, creating and loving in the capital of Galicia for over thirty years.
The atmosphere of the ancient city inspired him to create magnificent
symphonies, and this is where his first concerts took place.

1808-1838 Franz Xaver Mozart has been actively creating musical
environment of the city: he founded Saint Cecilia Choral Society, which
was, as a matter of fact, the first musical union of the city and the new
European tradition of performing classical music. Lvivites can be
proud that the figure of Franz Xaver contributed in the history of Lviv.

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