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LEME is an innovative artistic festival, which explores the new languages of the contemporary circus and the artistic creation for unconventional spaces, searching for different creative approaches, in confrontation with the experimentation. An active transfiguration of the traditional vision of the cultural space of our times, opening doors to new artistic perspectives, focusing on multidisciplinary and difference, makes this festival a space of collective connections for all ages.

Promoted by 23 Milhas, cultural project of Ílhavo Municipality, and Bússola, LEME arises from the desire to create a “new” space of contact between Portuguese creators and the international perspective, responding to the wishes of a sector in full evolution. In one hand, the festival intends to represent a space of opportunity for the contemporary Portuguese artistic creation in these domains, while at the same time aims to promote the contact with the international trends.

Key ideas such as internationalization, presentation of the new projects (national premiere), connect to the family audience, promotion of meeting for the specialized public and discovery of a new territory, are concepts that describe the guiding principle of the project, towards an edition that intends to create references and bring new audiences.

Involve new contexts, extend artistic contact to new languages, transform the community’s vision under the circus, go beyond the classical image and transport the public to new realities or new contexts, create opportunities for new generations to contact, experience and observe artistic visions distinct, international and disruptive.

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