LB27 Reggae Camp

LB27 Reggae Camp 2019 – 5 Days of Jamaica!

We’ll be waiting for you from 23 to 27 July in Cegléd.
Even now, 20 years later, our goals remain the same:
– Getting away from the noisy city to bathe our souls in peace and love for 5 days,
– Gathering the hungarian reggae bands, sounds and the reggae massive together to meet and talk with each other,
– Giving an opportunity to the young bands and sounds who may be facing difficulties trying to get acknowledged by the industry,
– Inviting jamaican and other foreigner formations, while also adding new names to the list of previous Camp performers,
– Getting all the people from different parts of the world to have a conversation about music and influence each other,
– Dancing at the beach, trying a variety of foods and drinks, talking till dawn, listening to music, falling in love, and simply being there with us…

The list of this year’s performers will be announced in a few days with some useful information as well, so stay tuned!

Even though we still have a long way to go, we’ve already started preparing in spirit!…

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