Ladek Mountain Festival

The first edition of our Festival took place in 1995. Today, it is the oldest and

the biggest mountain event in Poland promoting mountain films. Every year,

several thousands of visitors from the whole country come to this event. The

Festival Guests include the greatest Polish Himalaists and visitors from abroad

– climbers, filmmakers, writers, mountain film festivals directors.

The main festival venue is over 2000 seats big tent, the second one has 1300

seats. In all festival venues we can fit over 5000 of audience at same time.

Additionally we have live streaming of some lectures or award ceremonies –

thousands of audience are watching online video. The festival is international

all lectures, panels in big tent are live interpretating to english, and all

screened films has english dialogs or english subtitles.

In 2018 and in 2019 the festival hosts the Award Ceremony of Piolets

d’Or – the most prestigious award for alpine climbing.

The film-matching criterion comes down to showing mountains as both the

main theme and sporting activity area. We accept films with the plot of

climbing, high-mountain expeditions, alpine skiing, white-water, speleology,

mountain nature and culture plus human living within mountain areas.

Every year we are screening about 30 films – mostly international or national

premiers. The international film jury awards best film in few categories:

a) Grand Prize,

b) Best Film About Climbing,

c) Best Film About Mountaineering,

d) Best Film About Man & Mountains,

e) Best Film About Mountain Sports,

f) Best Polish Film,

g) Best Short Film

During Festival the People’s Choice Award is awarded. Its laureate is selected

by voting by the audience participating in Ladek Mountain Festival. People’s

Choice Award consists of the title „People’s Choice Award of Ladek Mountain


Next to Mountain Film competition part of the Mountain Festival is Mountain

Lecture Festival – where the readers can meet the authors, editors and

translators. We have “Mountain Book of the Year” competition also.

The 23rd edition of Festival (2018) edition in facts:

– Over 20 countries represented by speakers, journalist or audience

(Poland, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, South Korea, Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia,

France, Japan, Russia, Lotva, Belgium, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Bolivia,

Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Austria, Germany)

– 29 films in contest (1324 minutes of screening)

– 17 film premieres

– over 6000 tickets and passed sold

– 124 speakers

– Over 100 journalists

– 22 venues (5 to 2000 seats)

– 185 sessions in line-up – lectures, screenings, workshops.

– 87 expo traders

– Over 150 minutes of festival live radio broadcast – Polish Radio with

audience over 500.000 people

– 4 festival days

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