Jardins Efémeros

Jardins Efémeros (JE; Ephemeral Gardens) is a multidisciplinary cultural happening organized in the town of Viseu, Portugal, with a strong experimental component, which aims to enhance the connection and interface between the numerous agents who make “Viseu happen”, (city, artists, curators, researchers, universities, cultural, social, commercial and touristic organizations; companies, museums, citizens and even its visitors).

>span class=”s1″>All of this in the idyllic scenery of a new idea of garden set in the granite squares, which reaffirm its innovative and creative character in the country’s national scene, concerning the cultural production that includes the interaction and transforming ability of the landscape of the historical center of Viseu. (Centro Histórico de Viseu, CHV).

reflection on values such as active citizenship and social architecture, increasing critical and original ability; artistic expressions, performances in sound and visual arts, which the population hardly ever has access to in a public space.

“contemporary and experimental programme and art direction, which rely on the continued contribution of several creators, researchers, universities, social workers, companies and organizations within the scope of a variety of areas such as: Visual Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Sound, Dance, Theatre, Metropolis, Markets and Workshops.

>span class=”s1″>Although this is only its eight edition, Jardins Efémeros is already a brand of the town. It has been affirming itself as one of the most cutting-edge and singular national and international cultural productions in its eight years of existence. Its original format is planned for the town of Viseu, and its multidisciplinary and experimental configuration has no other comparable project in Portugal.

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