International Arts Festival PLARTFORMA

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“PLArTFORMA” – is an international festival of contemporary arts, combining the forms of performing (contemporary dance, new circus, physical theatre, performance art) and visual (various art forms, video, film) arts as well as artists from Lithuania and foreign countries in one cultural platform.

It is a festival of interdisciplinary character, the only of such kind in whole Lithuania, having both cultural and educational character, regarding the dissemination of contemporary art expression to the audience.

The festival is held in mid September in Klaipėda, Lithuania. It will be the 13th edition of the festival held between the 12-19 of September, 2019.

Main concept of the festival is related to the geographical and metaphysical interpretations of boundary zones, which are embodied in the character of the festival itself: different genres, forms of expression and ideas intervene here, paying no attention to the borders of traditional arts. Such art synthesis is identical to a search of new limit points, which is presented during the festival.

The festival takes place in the old-town & urban territory of previous shipyard, power station, tobacco factory actualizing cultural, industrial and natural heritage objects of the city. It draws artists’ attention towards their usage for creative needs and shows the audience how these spaces may transform into cultural venues.

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