Giovanni Paisiello Festival

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The Giovanni Paisiello Festival was set up by Amici della Musica in 2003, with the aim of highlighting the historical aspect of Taranto and creating a standing appointment with cultural, artistic and tourist initiatives.

It was projected to be an event that enhance biographical and artistic aspects of this amazing musician from Taranto, through performances of over a hundred of its works.

The XVII edition of the Giovanni Paisiello Festival 2019 collaborates with extraordinary actors from Taranto.

MiBACT, The Apulia Region, The Municipality of Taranto, The Apulia Foundation support this international initiative creating cultural events aimed at promoting this talented musician.

For the first time, the opening event will be held on May 9th, in honour of the anniversary of his birth. This will anticipate the event that will take place on September. The location of the Ceremony Celebration Concert will be in accordance with the objective of discovering the ancient town of Taranto. We are talking about the Church of Madonna della Salute, located next to the childhood home of Giovanni Paisiello, where one of his sacred Oratori will be played.

Not to mention the lyrical concert of one of the most baroque international performers, the symphonic concert in an old town square and the first performance in modern times of a lyrical opera composed by Paisiello: “La finta amante”, which premiered in Moghilev in 1780 for Catherine the Great Empress of Russia.

We are collaborating with the l’Accademia Musicale Isolana, that is working on the masterclass for the formation of the cast members.

Furthermore we are going to see an international study convention, concerts and the Giovanni Paisiello Festival Price. All these events will see the participation of international professional musicians and singers and young talents from Taranto that will honour to the fullest this amazing musician.

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