Festival Tuttestorie di Letteratura per Ragazzi- 14a edizione (Festival Tuttestorie of Children's Literature – 14th edition)

The Festival Tuttestorie has been conceived and organised by the Bookshop for Teenagers Tuttestorie, with the contribution in ideas and texts of the writer Bruno Tognolini.

The Honorary President is the writer David Grossman.

The Festival is dedicated, every year, to a different topic, developed by meetings, workshops, shows, narrations, performances, installations and special events, in a mixture of different forms of art and learning.

The 14th edition of the Festival will be about the following theme: “TERRATERRA. Racconti, visioni e libri di sopra e di sotto” translatable as “GROUNDGROUND. Tales, visions and books of up & down”, but the word TERRA in Italian can provide a wide range of meanings, such as “land, ground, soil, Earth etc.” so a big topic declinable in many ways.

The festival will take place in Cagliari and in other twenty small towns of Sardinia from 10 to 16 October 2019.

There will be about 430 events scheduled for children and teenagers between 0 and 16-year-old and adults, with over 90 guests (some of them for the first time in Sardinia or Italy) among writers, illustrators, performers, dancers, artists, musicians, actors, scientists, journalists.

Over 270 events will be dedicated to the classes of the primary and secondary schools, involving thus 750 classes, about 15.000 students and 1.500 teachers.

The last edition registered around 25.000 participants, including students and families.

Tuttestorie is one of the most important festivals in Italy that is entirely dedicated to children’s literature.

The 2017 and 2018 editions of the festival have received the EFFE Label.

The festival has been included among the principal eighteen literary manifestations and book fairs (out of 1200 realities) by the First Report on Reading Promotion in Italy (2013) edited by Associazione Forum del Libro, charged by the Department for the Information and Publishing of the Premiership.

It has received the Medal from the President of the Republic, it’s been awarded in 2009 by the Centre for the Book of the Minister of Cultural Heritage as Best Initiative in Reading Promotion for Children and Teenagers and it has won, together with the Municipality of Cagliari, the National Prize “City of Book” 2010.

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