Festival La Notte della Taranta

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Notte della Taranta” is Italy’s biggest music festival and one of Europe’s
most important events dedicated to traditional culture. It takes place in
Salento and is dedicated to the re-discovery and valorization of Salento’s folk
music and its fusion with other types of music – from world music to rock, from
jazz to classical music.

Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta has grown over the years and is now
constituted of nearly thirty musicians who are among the best pizzica and
Salento’s folk music artists.

year, during the last concert of the Festival, the Orchestra performs under the
direction of an invited Maestro with whom it reinterprets the traditional
repertoire of salentine music for an audience of about 150.000 spectators. The
all festival attracts around 230.000 people.

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