Europeade 56. at Frankenberg (Eder), Hessen, Germany

The Europeade 56. at Frankenberg (Eder), Hessen, Germany festival is in the Contemporary Dance, Festival, Heritage, Music, Street Art, category. Information about Europeade 56. at Frankenberg (Eder), Hessen, Germany is given below. Please send us the places you think are missing from the contact form.

Europe in our hearts

With around 5,000 participants each year, Europeade is the largest folklore and costume festival on the continent. Once a year, traditional and modern folk dance groups, choirs and musicians from 180 regions within Europe meet in a European town or city to celebrate European cultures. Many friendships have been formed over the years, and there is a strong community that expands every year. Regional groups share their traditions and cultures with each other as well as local residents through dance, song and music. The diversity of Europe is celebrated day and night with events as varied as group dance acts, parades, religious services and street music performances.

Europe for every generation

  • Some 5,000 participants from around 180 regions of Europe
  • Traditional dances, music and song
  • An event that promotes friendship and unity in Europe
  • A celebration of European community
  • An event for every generation
  • Dates for your diary: 17 to 21 July 2019 in Frankenberg (Eder)

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