Choreoscope – The International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona

Movement is the essential ingredient of how the world continues, or survives.

It is a universal language which lies subconsciously imprinted in our DNA, breaking all artificial verbal language barriers. When you hear a rhythm, you move. When you are unable to use words to communicate, you use your body.

When our body┬┤s movement fuses with the cinematographical, one of the most original film genres is born: dance film. While words can mislead, the body language does not lie.

Choreoscope is the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona. Dedicated not only to those passionate about dance, but also to those who enjoy quality cinema. Movies do not know any boundaries. Dance does not either. There is a common language joining them: the universal language of movement.

Choreoscope Barcelona is the dance film festival of those who continue, move, evolve.

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