Cabudanne de sos poetas

Cabudanne de sos Poetas (in Italian September of the Poets) is an artistic-literary festival that takes place annually in Seneghe (province of Oristano) since 2004. The festival, organized by the Association Perda Sonadora, is usually held the first days of September. In 2019, at the XV edition, it promotes the meeting and the comparison between the poetry of Sardinia and that of other continents. Over the years it has hosted artists and intellectuals of national and international level (among others Gabriella Caramore, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Paolo Fresu, Ernst Reijseger, Lella Costa, Paolo Angeli, Michela Murgia, Tuğrul Tanyol, Erri de Luca, Moni Ovadia, Bejan Matur, Nada Malanima , James Senese, Ricky Gianco, The lights of the power plant, Andrea Appino, Lula Pena). The artistic direction has been entrusted to names such as Franco Loi, Flavio Soriga and Roberto Magnani. The association Perda Sonadora was awarded in 2009 by the MIBACT prize as the best Italian project for the dissemination of poetry, related to the 2008 edition of the festival. The tenth edition (2014) received the patronage of UNESCO.

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