Anatomy Crime & Horror International Film Festival

Anatomy Crime – Horror International Film Festival (A.C.H.I.F.F.) is an annual international event dedicated for independent filmmakers. Established 2017 by “THE BASEMENT” a nonprofit and non-governmental Cultural and Education Organization (B.C.E.O.).
Located in the city of Athens, we look forward to be hosting an amazing event with you and your friends. The A.C.H.I.F.F. is a multi-day event that takes place each Halloween (October 31st) at venues throughout Athens-Greece. The A.C.H.I.F.F. want to be a world recognized event, with industry, filmmakers, and press attention from around the globe. The festival is competitive, screening approximately over 110 films each year.
The film industry today is largely monopoly-based and dependent on large scale budgets for productions to succeed. However, this festival aims at providing a voice for those who don’t have a massive budget at their hands but nevertheless, an important story to tell.

According to one of the objectives of our non-profit organization to providing a platform for indie filmmakers, we are able to provide an affordable solution catered to advance the cause of independent film-making.

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