All-Ukrainian Cossack Festival "Pokrova na Khortytsi"

The Festival “Pokrova na Khortytsi” (“Holy Protection on the island of Khortytsia”) is an embodiment of the idea of the national culture and spirituality renaissance, popularization of Ukrainian Cossacks culture and the unification of creative potential of different regions of Ukraine. The festival coincides with such events as the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, the Day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and the Day of Liberation of the city of Zaporizhzhya during the Second World War.

The prominent creative groups from various cities and regions of Ukraine represent their art at the sacred island of Khortytsia on Dnipro river, surrounded by heroic legends and Cossack glory until today.

Within the frameworks of the Festival “Pokrova na Khortytsi” there is held a smaller festival of national cultures “Unified Family”. People of 130 nationalities coexist peacefully in the Zaporizhzhya oblast (region), combining harmoniously their cultures and traditions. As a rule, creative groups representing national and cultural societies of Zaporizhzhya region amaze with their performances, national cuisine and clothes.

During the whole festival day, a “Town of masters”, the special area for artisans, is open for guests. There you can see how such traditional arts, as blacksmithing, pottery, carving, straw wickerwork, Petrykivka painting and ceramics, are done.

It would be no exaggeration to say , that the Festival “Pokrova na Khortytsi” is a peak of Cossacks celebrations in Ukraine, gathering representatives of all nations living here.

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