All Hungary International Festival of Folk Dance

Four days of folk dancing and folk music. More than 5,000 dancers and musicians from more than 30 countries across 3 continents have taken part in this amazing festival, which has been organised every year since 1991. The town of Gyula is the main tourist centre of the Southern Great Plain, the south-eastern corner of Hungary. The number of tourist nights spent in this small town of 30,000 exceeded half a million in 2017. The All Hungary International Festival of Folk Dance is organised in the high season, and some of the events are free so that as many people as possible can get to know the different cultures and the groups representing them.

Thanks to the folk dance ensembles that come from Europe and many other countries, the All Hungary International Festival of Folk Dance has become a highlight in the cultural life of Gyula and the surrounding area.

The aim of the festival is to showcase authentic folk dances and songs. Besides the high-quality productions that present authentic tradition, other unusual acts contribute to the success of the event and attract the attention of those staying or living in Gyula; these include music in the square, the colourful music and dance procession, and the stilt walkers’ audience-attracting show. The performance-art presentation of folk culture combines the recognition of folk customs, the teaching of folk games to children, and the exhibition of folk crafts.

The festival performances are aimed at a wide range of ages. The sophisticated stage productions, which include folk dance classes, will entertain all age groups.

The All Hungary International Festival of Folk Dance differs from other similar events in terms of its goals and structure; there are no competitions, and the primary aim of the organisers is for the performers, local residents and large numbers of tourists staying in the town to enjoy themselves. This is helped by the fact that the performers, in contrast to events elsewhere, often take part in the everyday life of the town: besides formal stage productions, these outstanding representatives of folk dancing and music often appear at informal events in the streets, at the spa, market, church, and elsewhere.

The guarantee of splendid quality entertainment is provided not just by the 27 years of experience of the organising team, but also by the All Hungary International Festival of Folk Dance being one of the festivals registered among the national professional associations.

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